SovereignSky & RUON AI Electronic Currency launch their primary Satellite into Space on board SpaceX Falcon 9

SovereignSky, RUON AI, & SovereignAid are on a mission to eradicate extreme world poverty & bank the world’s unbanked with a new social-media electronic currency distributed through their global, iMesh quantum satellite wi-fi network.

SpaceX successfully launches its upgraded Falcon 9 rocket

Vandenberg Air Force Base, December 3rd, 2018: SovereignSky, the space-breaking technology and blockchain behind the all-in-one AI chat/banking/social mobile application, RUON AI, today announced that Space Quest, their satellite strategic partner, has launched two of its microsatellites on SpaceFlights’ SSO-A Smallsat Express. The satellites, launched aboard the Space X Falcon 9, are named BRIO and THEA and were built by SpaceQuest of Virginia, the US government provider of satellite solutions, components, and space-data with a leading-edge heritage spanning decades of successful flight.

SSO-A SmallSat Express integrated 70 other cube and micro-satellites to accommodate the growing number of clients from 25 International organizations in 17 different countries — all seeking affordable rideshare options to launch their spacecraft into orbit, They join SpaceFlight’s other low-earth satellites already on-orbit that are collecting, processing and analyzing data for AIS and IoT and, now, RUON AI’s Dapp applications.

Over the next five years, in collaboration with Larry Castro, CEO of StealthGrid, plan to deploy a total of 8 self-powered, cube satellites to help eradicate extreme global poverty by beaming RUON AI and SovereignAid currency from space to phones distributed to third world areas encompassing the circumference of the equator.

The company’s mission statement is probably one of the largest worldwide in scope and scale, but also one of the most important.

“SovereignAid will Provide and Protect Our Children, Save and Preserve Our Wildlife and Aim to Eradicate Extreme Global Poverty by 2032.”

-Timothy E. Burke, Founder RUON AI & SovereignSky

SovereignSky is co-founded by Stan Larimer (father of EOS creator, Dan Larimer) and film producer along with science-fiction writer Timothy E. Burke (Executive Producer on Liongate’s 2019 summer release featuring Jessica Alba and Gary Oldman) with strategic partners including StealthGrid, SpaceQuest,, and BEOS.

“The concept is all-encompassing as it has taken some of the smartest and most visionary minds of blockchain technology, aerospace, and even science-fiction, all working together, to help achieve its grand vision. Even its very concept came from the science fiction movie franchise: ‘Planet X,” Timothy concludes.

RUON AI and SovereignSky companies plan to:

1. Put its BEOS (a hybrid of Bitshares & EOS) blockchain in space and create a “Free World Currency” and alternative world payment for the $155 Trillion in cross-border settlements each year.

2. Create a near indestructible blockchain banking and financial system set-in-space and built on a self-powering quantum, iMesh satellite network with encrypted global wi-fi network coverage.

3. Beam cryptocurrency, from SovereignAid & RUON AI to wi-fi modems and phones distributed to the poorest and most remote parts of the world to help eradicate extreme global poverty by 2032.

The company is already in conversation with government agencies and charities, many established by Mother Teresa, to distribute the SovereignSky boxes and help complete their global charity mission.

The brainchild of sci-fi creator and writer, Timothy E. Burke, has partnered with the Godfather of blockchain, Stan Larimer, an ex-NASA rocket scientist who envisioned a ‘blockchain-in-space’ with no terrestrial jurisdiction. The company is already in the works to put SovereignSky nodes aboard ships in international waters and in non-sovereign areas prior to placing the chain into space to create a “Free World” digital currency called “Sovereign Currency” or “SovereignCoin.”

The goal is to create the most accessible electronic currency in the world, available across the globe, including to those with no wi-fi, in the poorest and most remote parts in Africa, India, and South America.

It is well accepted that for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to be widely adopted, it needs to be used by every strata of society — rich and poor; tech-savvy and tech-phobic; male and female; banked and unbanked.

It is this first and latter group — the world’s two billion unbanked and the 1.5 billion living on under $1.50 a day — at which SovereignCoin and SovereignAid is targeted The aim is to be able to simultaneously serve the world’s wealthiest and poorest individuals, providing utility for the former and a lifeline to the latter. Charitable, functional, and spendable, SovereignCoin is setting its sights on becoming “the one coin to rule and regulate them all.”

SovereignAid’s founder Timothy E. Burke has already met with Missionaries of Mother Teresa and will work closely with other charities across the globe to distribute blockchain-ready mobile phones with the RUON AI App pre-installed, as well as a portable wi-fi modem and integrated smart card in the SovereignSky boxes.

When asked how it works Tim explains, “The satellites communicate to the portable wi-fi modems, which then talk to the phone. When SovereignAid, RUON AI or SovereignCoin currency is beamed to the phone, using the space-based blockchain, it is picked up in RUON AI’s digital wallet. The villages, hospitals, or orphanages can then spend this money on their smart card to buy food, medicine, or water. In the developing world, SovereignAid or RUON AI can be donated directly to people-in-need selected by anyone in the developed world discovered on the RUON AI App. In the developed world, users will use RUON AI app to post content and earn RUON coins from their family, friends, and followers attaching RUON coins to their content posts or mySTORY video streams. These coins are stored in their wallet and can then be shared and sent directly to people-in-need who are using RUON AI app.

Timothy E. Burke, RUON AI & SovereignSky founder, explains, “From our whitepaper we learned that $800 Billion is donated each year to charities, however you have little knowledge how or where your donation is spent. Our goal is that 97.5% of your donations can go directly to the person, doctor, village, shelter, children, or orphanage you’ve selected on the RUON AI app. The donees receive their RUON or SovereignAid instantly and can upload photos and videos of the donation being put to good effect. Donees can personally thank their donors through the app and donors can monitor via blockchain auditing and reporting exactly how their donation has been spent. We feel it’s one of the most effective and trusted donation and verification processes ever created”.

Taking inspiration from Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, and Bitcoin, RUON AI is the next generation social, business, and chat app built on the EOS/Bitshares hybrid, space-based ‘SovereignSky’ blockchain — one of the first interchangeable blockchains — allowing all coins and Dapps across the EOS, Bitcoin, Stellar, Ethereum, & the SovereignSky blockchains to talk to each other.

RUON AI officially launched at World Crypto Con in October 2018 and has been carefully designed to become an Instagram-style app for chat, social, blockchain banking, and business, creating an innovative B2C and D2C environment for businesses to globally connect to their customers, maximize their sales, attract new users in user group chats, and provide dedicated stores. This allows users to earn RUON coins from posting content; a google-style search engine for all blockchain applications; a multi-blockchain digital wallet, and smart card powered by

Stan Larimer, Co-Founder & CTO of SovereignSky & RUON AI, said:

“My former work at NASA coupled with my extensive experience in blockchain means we at SovereignSky are in the unique position to combine the power of blockchain with the reach of Space to benefit the World on a social, humanitarian, and financial level. This is ground-breaking stuff and we’ve created a blockchain which other Dapps, projects and companies can now build and launch on.”

Timothy E. Burke, Co-Founder of SovereignSky & RUON AI said:

SovereignCoin is designed to redistribute the World’s wealth to help protect its people, preserve its wildlife, and feed its population. We believe we can simultaneously serve the world’s wealthiest and poorest individuals, providing utility for the former and a lifeline to the latter. Charitable, functional, and spendable, SovereignCoin will become the new “Free World Global Space Currency.”

Larry Castro, CEO of StealthGrid said:

“Quantum Satellite spaced-based blockchain constellation combines the speed of fiber with the ubiquity of satellites. New economy, sovereignty, & communications without boundaries, transforming global communications, Internet, data storage, blockchain, Cyber security, and fintech. The constellation will deliver an unsurpassed combination of capacity, speed, security, resiliency, latency, and affordable cost”.

Dino Lorenzini, CEO of SpaceQuest said:

We are proud to be SovereignSky’s satellite manufacturing and space operations partner. Tim and Stan have an incredible concept to help eradicate global poverty. SpaceQuest’s extensive experience with satellite construction, launch and operations will create an unprecedented constellation of blockchain satellites for SovereignSky.”




RUON AI is a highly sophisticated, next generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) social media, chat, blockchain application, and currency integrated with its own debit smart card and multi-blockchain digital cryptocurrency wallets. The MVP app is built with all the capabilities of Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat for easy adaptation of cryptocurrency, blockchain for the millennials, and the mass market. For the first time you’ll be able to automatically earn RUON coins from your family, friends, and followers every-time you post.



For further information on RUON AI and why it’s so special, watch these short videos:

About SovereignAid

SovereignAid and SovereignCoin will provide a new electronic space currency to the world’s two billion unbanked and the 1.5 billion living on under USD $1.50 a day. Global philanthropic opportunities will be created via a smartcard solution, allowing 97.5% of the donation to go directly to people-in-need. SovereignAid currency is the social arm within RUON AI and is set to revolutionize large-scale charity giving from individuals, companies, family offices, multi-generations, HNW, and Fortune 500 companies providing double verification and immediate donations to global communities, charities, hospitals, orphanages, conservationists, care centers, and people-in-need found on the RUON AI app.


SovereignSky is a space-based blockchain of the Sovereign ecosystem designed to confer equal access to the world’s wealth to anyone on earth, regardless of their location, nationality and economic starting conditions. SovereignSky in collaboration with Larry Castro CEO of StealthGrid will combine a blockchain platform and token with a low earth orbit (LEO), imesh quantum satellite wi-fi constellation. The space-based blockchain is one of the fastest, most scalable and most popular running as the new BEOS chain transcending jurisdictional and infrastructural limits; its processing node locations in Earth’s orbit enables it to offer equal access and equal opportunities to participants from all over the planet and the first “Free World Currency” whilst incorporating open source and the concepts of “Building block(chain)s for a better planet” introduced by PwC and the Stanford Woods Institute.


SpaceQuest was founded 25 years ago and has extensive experience in the design, development, integration, and launch of government- used satellite systems, as well as the implementation and operation of space-based data and analytics businesses. The company has successfully completed the development and launch of space systems for a variety of key clients, including Space X, Bigelow, NASA, Air Force, Navy, Canadian Space Agency, John Hopkins, exactEarth, and MIT, as well as delivering key components for most of the world’s aerospace and defense integrators. SpaceQuest has delivered, on-orbit, over 20 turnkey data communications satellites to a variety of commercial customers. In addition, SpaceQuest currently owns and operates its own LEO satellite constellation, collecting, processing and analyzing data for AIS and IoT applications.

RUON AI is a highly sophisticated, next generation Artificial Intelligence social media, chat, banking and entertainment mobile application for mass market.

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